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AMMEGA is growing in the heart of Katowice, Poland

Ammega, a global company providing sustainable belting solutions, has been developing its Business Service Center in Katowice since 2021. It is expanding its working space into .KTW II, the most modern building in the city of Katowice. In the coming years AMMEGA BSC is targeting further growth.

The Business Service Center has been gathering vital roles embedding modern, global digital processes. The rapid growth of the employment level and the responsibilities held by employees require investments in talent, recent technologies and new spaces for our experts.

The BSC has a real impact on business and the company’s success.

The opening of the center proves the investment attractiveness of Katowice which in many rankings rises to the top positions in Poland as one of the best locations for business in Europe. It is great news for our residents and the graduates of the Silesian universities! It is important to make use of attractive jobs to encourage young people to stay, develop their careers in Katowice and then start their families here. AMMEGA’s decision to locate their center in our city was mainly motivated by access to huge human resources, the growing office market and high quality of our logistics. Those aspects confirm that our actions and the chosen direction are right – Marcin Krupa, Mayor of Katowice

The Business Service Center is offering jobs for global talents in HR, communication, marketing, social responsibility, procurement, IT, and finance. The majority of our employees cooperate on a daily basis with international teams spread all over the world.

Our long-term objective is to build the Ammega center of excellence. Our teams’ competencies, skills and global responsibilities determine the importance of the business service center on the global AMMEGA map of development – Maciej Gwóźdź, AMMEGA Chief Executive Officer

Thus, we strive to attract top-class talents and engage innovative approaches and world-class technologies to create the best opportunities for our people – added by Alessandro Gili, AMMEGA Chief Financial & Compliance Officer

The team will move to the new office by the end of 2022. The new office has been designed to be a comfortable open space with modern equipment providing the most comfortable working conditions. Instead of divisions by department offices, rooms are organized into sub-zones to effectively foster and support teamworking.

We know that the work environment influences work efficiency and employee satisfaction. Both are essential factors in the long-term perspective to build our high-performance organization. Moreover, the central office location in the middle of Katowice and the office building meets a variety of sustainable business requirements. Sonja Hoeijmakers, AMMEGA Chief Human Resources & Communication Officer

The Business Service Center was established in 2021. Today it employs over 100 employees, and this number will continue to increase. Career opportunities offered by AMMEGA in Katowice place the employer among the most attractive workplaces in the GBS sector.

The global business environment is more and more characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Therefore, GBS organizations must offer a compelling value proposition for both, employees and supported businesses. On top of that, the ambition of the Ammega Business Service Center is to develop distinctive value leveraging Centers of Excellence in multiple operational areas and enabling longterm value creation for the organization. Whilst the Ammega Group continues building a solid foundation with the best customer solutions, the best people, partners and locations – the Ammega Business Service Center continues onboarding and developing outstanding TEAMs at the .KTWII office placed in the heart of the City of Katowice.
Marcin Nowak, Head of Ammega Business Service Center

Poland is one of the over 40 countries where AMMEGA entities operate. The country is represented by two manufacturing centers, for Megadyne in Bydgoszcz and Ammeraal Beltech in Szczecin in addition to the Ammeraal Beltech Customer Solution Center in Bielsko-Biała. Together with the Business Service Center, Polish entities employ over 500 people today approaching 10% of the global Ammega workforce.

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