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Entrepreneurs are increasingly positive about the economic situation. Optimistic moods are based on the situation that took place after the unfreezing of economy.

For a long time Katowice has been a consistent leader in the voivodeship in terms of maintaining the lowest unemployment rate – currently it remains at the level of 1.8%. Compared with the unemployment rate registered in the Silesian Voivodeship – 4.6% and at the national level – 5.8%, it is definitely an outstanding result. This in turn translates to the labour market and diversity of employment. Katowice also leads in the amount of average monthly gross salary. While in the enterprise sector it amounted to PLN 5,763.87 in August this year and was higher by 9.1% than the year before, in Katowice it was around the level of PLN 6,429.63.

This year after a period of stagnation, turns out to be positive for starting business. The number of national economy entities entered in REGON register is gradually increasing. In August in Katowice were registered over 270 new entities. According to data from the end of August 2021 Katowice had almost 51,000 entities, including 29,000 natural persons engaged in a business.

In most of the surveyed areas entrepreneurs in September assessed the economic situation positively. The most optimistic assessments were expressed by entrepreneurs in the information and communication area, the most negative – by companies from the accommodation and food service activities section.

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