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We are showing WOMEN!

Women in Poland make up 52% of the population.

According to the recent report by McKinsey & Company which analysed the situation of women in the labour market in seven CEE countries 66% of university graduates are women but their participation in the labour market is 44% whereas their contribution to GDP is merely 39%.

difficult times create strong women, strong women create good times and strong women stay

There is a shortage of workers in the market, currently more than 120,000, and increasing women’s participation in the labour market seems the simplest solution.

The companies themselves should more often adopt a forward-looking approach: fairly assess the value of women’s work and take measures to strengthen their role in the organizations.

Statistically speaking women in the labour market not only receive lower wages but also have relatively smaller opportunities for promotion. Nearly half of the largest companies in CEE do not have a single woman in their management teams, promotion to top positions is desired by 57% of women (56% of men)..

Given this background, the business services sector clearly stands out.

The share of women in the total workforce in Poland’s services sector is 53%. Among the first-line management positions (team leader level) it is 46%, and among senior management it is 39%. Those numbers are much higher than in other areas of the Polish economy and have remained stable over the past 3 years.

Katowice case – participation of women reaches 59.3%, women in first-line management positions (a team leader level) make up 50%, and in a senior management – 36.2%.

The world relies on women. They are more than half of the population. In most societies, it is women who organize home, family, upbringing and education of children, all of it combined with their professional work. They are businesswomen, moms, soldiers, policewomen, civil servants, firefighters, doctors, transplant hearts; they are sports journalists, heads of the EU institutions, prime ministers, cleaners, soccer players, architects, engineers… Women are everywhere and work in all possible professions, often have very responsible roles, they are excellent organizers, responsible and loyal, well educated.

Showing the faces of women on March 8, the day that symbolizes the equal participation of women in social and professional life, is a deliberate action.

We want to remind about ourselves.

This is a project created with respect for human rights, equality, justice and peaceful coexistence

That is why we are showing WOMEN.

Each of them is different, what they share is strength, determination and responsibility. They share the sparkle in their eyes and joy. The joy of women who have reached the peak of a mountain and enjoy the moment, knowing that there are still more mountains on their way yet they made it!

Have a look at their faces – the faces of specialists, experts at organization, savvy businesswomen, employees in corporations, global companies, offices and organizations without whom the world would be neither better nor easier. Think how much it has cost them to get where they are and how much more lies ahead. Our – women’s – career paths are bumpy and full of steep approaches but to paraphrase G. Michael Hopf, difficult times create strong women, strong women create good times and strong women stay.


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