Move to Katowice – It feels like home

Katowice attracts a lot of interest not only on the part of investors but also foreigners, which more often consider to bind their future with Katowice. To meet the expectations of all, who are interested in living in Katowice we have prepared a guide “Move to Katowice – It feels like home” with information that we hope will be helpful in making such an important decision, as well as facilitate the first steps in Katowice and help in acclimatization in new city. According to the report “Business services sector in Katowice” (ABSL, 2020), already 6.3% of foreigners work in the business services sector in Katowice and Metropolis GZM. The most numerous group of foreigners undertaking work in this sector are Ukrainians, followed by Italians and Spaniards.

We encourage you to read the full version of the guide „Move to Katowice – It feels like home”, which is available in English version.

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