• 59 primary schools, 16 high schools – including bilingual and international baccalaureate classes, 16 technical schools, 79 kindergartens and 57 nurseries in Katowice
  • 19 universities – central academic center
  • Almost 90,000 students and over 22,000 graduates in Metropolis
  • Silesian Voivodeship is the 2nd R&D center in the country, which includes scientific and research units and institutes, as well as universities conducting independent research activity or in cooperation with business
  • Katowice City has been awarded the title of “Local Government Leader of Education” annually for several years


  • 141 – general hospitals in Silesian Voivodeship (CSO of Poland 2020), this number significantly exceeds the number of general hospitals in other voivodeships
  • 198 inhabitants per one bed in general hospitals in Silesian Voivodeship (CSO of Poland 2020), this indicator in Silesian Voivodeship looks the most advantageous in the whole of Poland
  • highly specialized medical centers in the treatment of heart diseases, burns, traumatic surgeries and cancer diseases
  • over 3,000 clinics and medical practices (302 clinics and medical practices in Katowice alone)
  • well-developed network of private clinics: Medicover, LUX MED, ENEL-MED, POLMED, etc.


  • over 400 bus lines, 30 tram and 7 trolleybus lines in Metropolis
  • the first integrated transfer hub „Ligota” built in 2018, 3 more integrated transfer hubs („Zawodzie”, „Brynów Pętla”and „Sądowa” with International Bus Station) were completed in 2020
  • Metrobilet – one ticket for all means of transport in Metropolis (bus, tram, trolleybus, trains of Silesian Railway)
  • free of charge public transport for children and young people up to the age of 16 who live in Metropolis


  • over 500 sports facilities in the city: including 25 swimming pools, 3 water playgrounds for children, 50 tennis courts, over 100 sports fields
  • City by bike – 118 bicycle stations with ca. 954 bicycles, over 180 km of bicycle infrastructure of which 85 km are beautiful, scenic paths in green areas (forests, parks)
  • 306 sports clubs and associations
  • Airport Katowice – Muchowiec – a civil sports airport, located in the city center