Katowice has a very well-developed infrastructure, which is constantly enriched with new investments, which aim to improve the quality of life of residents and strengthen the investment potential of the city. It is worth emphasizing that in Katowice only in 2021 as much as 20% of the city budget has been planned for infrastructure investments. This shows the scale of changes taking place in Katowice in recent years. Katowice is a member of Metropolis GZM, which is the best-connected area in Poland, both in terms of road, rail and air transport. Its characteristic feature is the spatial coherence with a well-organized public transport network. The city is also an important academic center on a national scale, it also provides a wide educational offer for children and youth. In terms of health protection, Silesian Voivodeship stands out not only nationwide, but also internationally. There are a number of high-level healthcare units in the region that can boast of specialized equipment and highly qualified medical staff.


  • 59 primary schools, 16 high schools – including bilingual and international baccalaureate classes, 16 technical schools, 79 kindergartens and 57 nurseries in Katowice
  • 24 universities – central academic center
  • Almost 90,000 students and over 22,000 graduates in Metropolis
  • Silesian Voivodeship is the 2nd R&D center in the country, which includes scientific and research units and institutes, as well as universities conducting independent research activity or in cooperation with business
  • Katowice City has been awarded the title of “Local Government Leader of Education” annually for several years


  • 141 – general hospitals in Silesian Voivodeship (CSO of Poland 2020), this number significantly exceeds the number of general hospitals in other voivodeships
  • 198 inhabitants per one bed in general hospitals in Silesian Voivodeship (CSO of Poland 2020), this indicator in Silesian Voivodeship looks the most advantageous in the whole of Poland
  • highly specialized medical centers in the treatment of heart diseases, burns, traumatic surgeries and cancer diseases
  • over 3,000 clinics and medical practices (302 clinics and medical practices in Katowice alone)
  • well-developed network of private clinics: Medicover, LUX MED, ENEL-MED, POLMED, etc.


  • over 400 bus lines, 30 tram and 7 trolleybus lines in Metropolis
  • the first integrated transfer hub „Ligota” built in 2018, 3 more integrated transfer hubs („Zawodzie”, „Brynów Pętla”and „Sądowa” with International Bus Station) were completed in 2020
  • Metrobilet – one ticket for all means of transport in Metropolis (bus, tram, trolleybus, trains of Silesian Railway)
  • free of charge public transport for children and young people up to the age of 16 who live in Metropolis


  • over 500 sports facilities in the city: including 25 swimming pools, 3 water playgrounds for children, 50 tennis courts, over 100 sports fields
  • City by bike – 118 bicycle stations with ca. 954 bicycles, over 180 km of bicycle infrastructure of which 85 km are beautiful, scenic paths in green areas (forests, parks)
  • 306 sports clubs and associations
  • Airport Katowice – Muchowiec – a civil sports airport, located in the city center