Katowice focuses on sustainable development in many areas and is an undeniable leader in the field of electromobility in Poland. The city puts the spotlight on ecological and smart transport solutions based on electricity in many dimensions: electric buses and the most extensive tram network (public transport), car-sharing, also electric cars (shared car transport), as well as electric scooters and scooters (last mile / kilometer transport – multimodal transport). In addition, the intelligent city of Katowice has implemented, among others, an intelligent LED lighting system, Low-Emission Economy Plan, KISMiA monitoring system that improves pedestrian and car traffic. Undoubtedly, in the area of ​​implementing modern solutions of the smart city concept, we can expect many more positive changes in Katowice, which will ultimately have an impact on a greater comfort of residents living in.

Smart City

  • 4 modern integrated transfer hubs in the park & ​​ride system with over 1,100 parking spaces
  • 147 charging points for electric cars, next planned to be open
  • modern electric buses and constantly modernized bus and tramway rolling stock
  • shared services provided by cars, scooters and electric scooters
  • Katowice Intelligent Monitoring and Analysis System (KISMiA) independently detects and alerts about various events such as: concourse, devastation, lying man, forbidden driving or parking offences (274 cameras, detection of criminal events, effective interventions of city services)
  • AWAIR – the largest air monitoring system in Poland, consists of 127 sensors installed throughout the city and 154 screens showing PM10 and PM2.5 concentrations of suspended dust
  • Śląska Karta Usług Publicznych ŚKUP – enables paying for public transport, parking or services at institutions accepting ŚKUP card payments
  • Katowice was the first city in Poland to introduce Low-Emission Economy Plan, it is the most important document containing strategic goals and a set of projects related to a sustainable and low-emission energy management in the city