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16th European Economic Congress. Registrations have started!

“Transform today, change tomorrow. “Transformation for the future” is the slogan of this year’s 16th European Economic Congress, the largest business event in Central Europe.

We would like to cordially invite you to the International Congress Center and Spodek in Katowice on 7-9 May.

This year in an improved formula of presentations, increased space dedicated to the event and with more representatives of foreign companies, institutions, organizations and governments.

We will talk about what business is like now:

1. transformation of the fuel and energy sector as well as efforts undertaken to eliminate their negative environmental impact on the climate, reduction of carbon footprint, sustainable production, green financing of investments,

2. environmental goals and social responsibility of companies, costs of green requirements but also processes of digitization of the economy.

And these are just the main threads surrounding them, many speeches and discussions, ranging from uncertainty and instability of global and national politics through the economy and business, to social issues and technological development. Three days of important talks and discussions.

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