Tourist attractions

  • Zone of Culture: the Silesian Museum, the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra (NOSPR), the International Congress Centre (MCK), the Spodek Arena – are one of the most recognizable points on the map of Katowice
  • Route of Modernism is an area designated by 16 buildings with unique pre-war modernist architecture, thanks to which Katowice was called “Polish Chicago”
  • Nikiszowiec & Giszowiec – historic, more than a century old mining housing estates, places where you can still feel the atmosphere of old industrial Silesia
  • Wilson Shaft Gallery – a gallery of contemporary art opened in the revitalized building of the Wilson shaft hall and shafts of the “Wieczorek” mine, whose history dates back to 1826, the main goal of the Gallery is to promote young, brave painters, graphic artists, photographers and performers
  • Silesian Porcelain Factory in Katowice belongs to the Industrial Monuments Route – the only such route in Central and Eastern Europe belonging to the European Industrial Heritage Trail (ERIH), within a complex from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, there are very valuable post-industrial architecture objects, i.a. buildings of the old kiln, paint shop or pattern room used for nearly 100 years for the production of porcelain, as well as the water tower and chimney so characteristic of the Upper Silesian landscape
  • Walcownia – Museum of Zinc Metallurgy – is a post-industrial historic building equipped with a rolling line and steam machines from 1903
  • Center for Ecological Education (CEE) in Katowice-Murcki within the center there are 3 workshops, a clay kiln, nature complex: beech tree school (plant protected in the nearby Reserve – Murckowski Forest), show insect breeding utility garden and sensory – botanical garden