Our strategy is based on attracting new investors as well as comprehensive support for investors who have already invested in our city. For this purpose, it was created a dedicated structure within Katowice City Hall providing one-stop shop assistance based upon each specific investor’s expectations and requirements – Investors Assistance Department (IAD).

Investor care

Every investor is taken care of by an employee of the Investors Assistance Department. A dedicated Project Manager provides support from the very outset of the investment process.

Providing market analysis

IAD is able to deliver market analysis about: workforce availability, workforce costs, quality of infrastructure, and other useful data.

Organizing site visits

IAD in a professional way organizes investors’ site visits and holds meetings with the local and regional authorities, universities, etc.

Marketing support

Katowice offers assistance in organizing a marketing campaign about investments in Katowice using city advertising media, such as outdoor, social media and press advertisements. The city of Katowice can provide a support in organizing press conferences by making conference spaces available, inviting members of the media and distributing promotional materials.

Adjustments to public transportation

In Katowice, there is an option for providing additional bus stops (or bus connections) for the future passengers of a strategic investor.

Access to the network of institutions & coordinating cooperation with the biggest Silesian universities

IAD cooperates with organizations such as: Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Katowice (RIG), ABSL, US-Polish Trade Council, Poviat Labour Office, as well as the representatives of business services sector in Katowice and University of Silesia in Katowice, Silesian University of Technology or University of Economics in Katowice.

Preparing information on the investment location

IAD can provide you with information about max. available area of your investment purpose, max. building area indicator according to the use (zoning plan) or technical infrastructure (power, water, gas, sewage system).

Real estate tax exemption

Katowice City Hall offers real estate tax exemptions as part of de minimis assistance, as well as real
estate tax exemptions as part of regional investment assistance.
Moreover, a resolution of the Katowice City Council is in force in the city of Katowice, which provides
real estate tax exemptions on buildings and parts thereof built before 1945 within the city of Katowice, whose facades have been renovated. The resolution is addressed to both natural persons and entities conducting business activity.

These 2 resolutions you will find below.