In November 2023, the project titled “Katowice Gaming and Technology Hub” was selected for funding. Obtaining a decision of the European Commission with the approval for individual public aid for the project is in progress. Funding amounts to  over PLN 309 million. The project is divided into the following stages:

STAGE I includes adaptation of 8 historical buildings and the construction of a passage. The total usable area will be approximately 32 000 sqm and will include:

  • 7,500 sqm of office space (open space, coworking space, offices)
  • 3,500 sqm which will consist of 69 conference rooms, that can act as an educational centre.

STAGE II focuses on construction of a structure with:

  • a hall with an area of 5,000 sqm which will be a multipurpose space mainly for e-sports studies as long as the facility is used as television studios, production halls in the strict sense, warehouses or laboratories
  • 5,300 sqm of production support area
  • space for 2,000 guests.

STAGE III focuses on equipping technological and non-technological buildings for PLN 62.9 million (gross amount). Technological equipment includes: telecommunications network, server rooms, conference room equipment, hall and studio equipment, laboratory equipment. One of the objectives of STAGE III  is installation of renewable energy facilities.