Katowice in 6th place in Poland based on the Quality Of Life Ranking

Katowice ludzie

The labour market, salaries, safety, the level of health care, the quality of air – all this influences the assessment of the attractiveness of the places we live in.

According to the ranking published on 17 May by “Newsweek” and covering 89 cities in Poland, Katowice was ranked 6th among cities with more than 100 thousand inhabitants. The basis for this classification were seven uniformly defined criteria, which were chosen to assess the quality of life in the city.

The final evaluation was based on the sum of points obtained in each of the classified categories, which in the case of Katowice gave a score of 43 points, while the highest-scoring city in that group, Warsaw, collected 48 points.

Among the twelve Polish cities which made it to the top of the ranking, Katowice took first place in the assessment of the labour market as the city with the lowest unemployment rate, and in terms of the level of health care it was rated second.

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