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Katowice City – Summary of 2022 and announcement of investments for 2023

The end of the year is a time of summaries and at the same time an opportunity to set goals for the next year. 2022 was supposed to be a year of respite after the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, the Russian aggression against Ukraine determined the course of events in the following months. In addition, tax changes and the global energy crisis have forced each of us to save money, including cities. Despite these unpredictable circumstances, the city needs to grow, here are some of the events and investments that were completed in 2022 and the activities planned for 2023.

“It is important to remember that the quality of life in every city is increasingly determined by green investments, efficiently organized transport or a wide range of leisure activities – emphasizes Marcin Krupa, Mayor of Katowice. – Summing up the passing year, I wish everyone that the upcoming 2023 will be a time of fulfillment of both private and professional dreams, and that our actions will be determined by the desire to develop” – adds the president.

Sports complex at Asnyka Street

At the end of October, the stadium at ul. Asnyka. The sports complex was built in the place where the “Kolejarz” stadium was located. For PLN 40.9 million, a modern facility was erected with a football field with a synthetic surface, a baseball field with a surface made of natural grass and clay, as well as two beach volleyball fields and a multifunctional field. The stadium also enables training of selected athletic disciplines.

Road junction in Giszowiec

The reconstruction of the road system in Giszowiec is the most important road investment in Katowice for 13 years, i.e. since the construction of the tunnel under the Gen. Jerzy Ziętek roundabout. The cost of construction works amounted to over PLN 300 million, of which almost PLN 240 million was co-financing obtained from EU funds. The junction, which is the intersection of DK 81 and DK 86 with local roads, has significantly improved the safety of road users, streamlined travel and separated transit traffic from local traffic.

Zadole swimming pool

In mid-September, the Zadole Swimming Pool was opened. This is the third indoor facility of this type that can be used by residents of Katowice. Residents have at their disposal: a sports swimming pool, a recreational swimming pool with numerous attractions, a sauna zone, as well as a sports hall in the dry zone of the facility. The value of the contract with the pool contractor is PLN 33.5 million. It is worth recalling that last year Katowice swimming pools welcomed the one millionth customer.

Sailing station

A new sailing hostel for PLN 6.5 million was erected at the Morawa pond in Szopienice-Burowiec. This is the first stage of the investment, which assumes the new development of the Valley of 5 Ponds in Katowice. A three-story building was built, equipped with, among others, a boathouse, a boathouse and a sail house. Around the hostel, alleys with new lighting were built, as well as a quay, a pier, bathing infrastructure and a barbecue gazebo.

Plantings on Korfanty Avenue

Green metamorphosis Korfantego Avenue is an excellent example of the green revolution that Katowice is undergoing. The works began at the end of 2021 with a change in the organization of traffic at the roundabout Gen. Ziętka. Then Korfantego Avenue on the section from the roundabout to the intersection with ul. Moniuszko was narrowed to one lane in each direction, and green belts were created in the space created – 45 trees and shrubs were planted there.

World Urban Forum

Katowice hosted WUF11, i.e. the World Urban Forum – the world’s largest event dedicated to urban development organized by UN-Habitat, one of the UN agencies. For the first time, the event was held in Central and Eastern Europe. The hosts and co-organizers of the 11th WUF session were the Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy and the Katowice City. WUF11 was attended by representatives of 174 countries, over 10,000 personally and over 6,000 people who joined online. The slogan of the Polish edition of WUF was: “We are changing our cities for a better future.”

This is what awaits us in 2023

Despite the difficult financial situation that affects all cities in Poland, in 2023 Katowice will continue to implement large investments contributing not only to improving the quality of life in the city, but also to creating new jobs and driving the economy. A total of PLN 787 million has been planned for capital expenditure in the city budget, which will account for 26% of the city’s total expenditure.

“When I talk to the mayors of the largest Polish cities within the Union of Polish Metropolises, everyone agrees that a very difficult year awaits us. For us, as a city, the priority is to ensure safety and high quality of life for the inhabitants of Katowice, which is why we do not give up most of the tasks and we will continue them. On the example of investments opened this year, such as the Zadole swimming pool and the sports complex at Asnyka street, we see how important they are for the quality of life of our residents” – says Marcin Krupa, Mayor of Katowice. “Thinking about the development of the city, we must look in the perspective of the coming years. That is why we are intensifying our activities in the area of revitalization of the areas of the “Wieczorek” mine, where we want to create a Gaming and Technology HUB” – adds the president.

Gaming and Technology HUB

Katowice has been focusing on innovation for years, hence the idea of creating the Katowice Gaming and Technology HUB. This place is to be a common space, e.g. for technology companies, game developers – i.e. game producers, as well as the environment related to e-sport, dealing with the organization of games, tournaments and broadcasting. The design works currently commissioned concern the first of the six planned stages of the project and consist in the preparation of documentation for the adaptation and revitalization of the existing buildings of the “Wieczorek” coal mine, which will include, among others, office and co-working spaces, recording studios, laboratories, IT infrastructure facilities, and also conference rooms and educational rooms. The value of the first stage is estimated at approximately PLN 200 million. The construction design should be ready in spring 2023. The next step is to select the contractor for the investment.

Parks in districts

As part of the tender for investments in parks in Katowice, a number of activities have been planned in the area of Wełnowiec, Kostuchna, Ochojec and the border of Bogucice, Zawodzie and Dąbrówka Mała. The city will allocate PLN 48 million for this purpose, and the residents will gain new green spaces with playgrounds, dog runs, relaxation zones with hammocks, a path for a roller coaster, a pump track for cyclists, and a dance circle. Parks are to offer a wide range of leisure activities. In addition, the scope of work includes planting about 350 trees and thousands of perennials, shrubs, vines and grasses.

About the great people of Katowice

In Brynów, Katowice, at Kościuszki 165 street, lived and composed for several dozen years, creating music for over 130 films and gaining worldwide fame – Wojciech Kilar. Now, in a house belonging to a well-known composer, the Katowice Music Education Center “Dom Kilar” will be built. The place will not only commemorate the artist’s achievements, but will also become a space for events with the participation of subsequent generations of artists. Currently, a tender has been announced to select a contractor for the construction works, which are to start next year.

In Bogucice, on the other hand, the Jerzy Kukuczka Center of Himalaism, which is currently at the stage of preparing a construction design, and a contractor for construction work should be selected next year. On the one hand, the center is to commemorate the outstanding Himalayan mountaineer Jerzy Kukuczka, and on the other hand, it is to become a meeting place for mountain lovers and an educational space that is to inspire future generations.

Green Warszawska Street

In July 2022, work began that will significantly transform one of the most important streets in Katowice. There will be about 70 new trees at Warszawska Street, and about 2,700 shrubs and perennials. But that’s not all. The reconstruction also assumes a change in the organization of traffic on the section from Szkolna street to Mielęckiego street. Thanks to this, pedestrians will gain another friendly space in the very center of the city. The promenade and numerous plants will give the place a representative character. The investment worth approximately PLN 19 million is to be ready in the second quarter of 2023.

Revitalization of Starganiec

For almost PLN 7 million, a change will be made around the Starganiec pond located on the border of Katowice and Mikołów city. The once popular water and recreation center of the “Baildon” steelworks is undergoing a comprehensive metamorphosis. The works carried out include, among others: adaptation of the pond to a bathing function, strengthening and implementation of a new development of the beach and construction of beach volleyball courts. You will also be able to relax in the picnic gazebos installed here, on benches and city deckchairs. An attractive element of the transformation is also to be a platform with a floating part. A small gastronomy zone with space for food trucks will also be located near the beach. A new layout of paths will help you move around the area of about 16 hectares. Evening walks will be facilitated by energy-saving lighting consisting of several dozen solar LED lamps.

Prepared by the Department of Social Communication of the City of Katowice

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